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History of creating a foundation

The Cancer Fighting Fund is a charitable organization that works to combat oncological diseases in Volyn and focuses its efforts on prevention and early detection of cancer.
The Foundation was founded by Maria Adamchuk-Korotitska, who twice overcame breast cancer. The head of the Foundation is convinced that victory over the disease and continuation of a full life became possible precisely because of early detection.
"I really want to shout to the whole world the phrase 'Early detection saves lives.' Because I am proof of that. I had to fight breast cancer twice, but in both cases, conscious attitude towards my health and timely examination saved me. That is why I always emphasize the importance of prevention. This is something that does not require a lot of time or money, but truly saves lives," says Maria Adamchuk-Korotitska, the head of the Cancer Fighting Fund.

Starting its activities in 2020, the Foundation took over the experience and achievements of the organization "STOPRAK," which Maria Adamchuk-Korotytska founded almost 12 years ago, immediately after she first defeated cancer. After years of activity, it became clear that it is not enough to help those who already have cancer. We also need to do everything to minimize the number of Ukrainians who have to start this fierce fight. Therefore, the team set itself the goal of acting even more globally and as a symbol of scaling and renewal, created the Cancer Fighting Foundation.


For two years, the Foundation has organized outreach screenings for women in the most remote villages of Volyn for cervical and breast cancer, as well as outreach screenings for skin cancer in Volyn residents. We try to convey the need to implement cancer prevention at the local and state levels. 
The Foundation's team conducts educational seminars for primary care physicians on early detection of breast cancer, cervical cancer, and skin cancer. 

Informing Volyn residents about the importance of human papillomavirus vaccination and the opportunity to receive free early detection services for new formations occupies a priority place in our activities. 
In 2021, the Foundation launched an advocacy campaign to allocate funds from the local budgets of the Volyn region for the purchase of the human papillomavirus vaccine. After all, vaccinating girls aged 9-14 could protect them from certain types of cancer in adulthood.
We are working to ensure that everyone takes responsibility for cancer prevention and can obtain information about oncological diseases that can save lives without exaggeration!

MISSION OF THE FOUNDATION - to save the lives of Ukrainians through prevention and early detection of cancer

Our organization's values

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Our beneficiaries' interests are central.

The interests of our beneficiaries and the goals we work for are our top priority.


We believe in creating a culture and space where donors, supporters, and the wider public can see and understand how we work, how we solve problems when they arise, and how we spend our money.


The Foundation must not only clearly and honestly report to the public but also be open to scrutiny.

Institutional Integrity

Our charitable organization and those who work and volunteer with us must always maintain the highest level of institutional integrity and personal conduct.


Safety and Trust

Everyone who works with the Foundation (team members, volunteers, donors) must feel safe and know that they can trust the Foundation.