Information campaigns


Implementing information programs for the prevention and early detection of cancer is a global opportunity to reduce and avoid the burden of morbidity, mortality, and loss of productivity for both men and women due to non-communicable diseases.

Through organizing and conducting information campaigns, we aim to raise awareness among Ukrainians about the importance of cancer prevention and early detection and influence their behavior to increase the level of screening, preventive measures, and as a result, reduce the level of cancer mortality.


The "Cancer Fighting Foundation" NGO has implemented and been involved in a number of information campaigns:

  • "Raising awareness about the importance of vaccination against human papillomavirus"

  • "Spreading information about instrumental studies for early cancer detection included in the National Health Service of Ukraine package of medical guarantees"

  • human Anatomy 02 final

    "Early detection of breast cancer"

  • "Early detection of cervical cancer"

  • covid-19-coronavirus-virus-epidemic-infection

    "Covid-19: What cancer patients need to know"

  • "Early detection of cancer in children"