Outreach Screening


Program "Outreach Screening for Cervical Cancer in Women"

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer among women worldwide and the second most common cancer in women living in less developed regions. Almost 5000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer in Ukraine each year, and half of them die from the disease. The main reason for such high incidence and mortality is the lack of preventive measures (vaccination against human papillomavirus) and low levels of detection of precancerous conditions and cervical cancer in the early stages.
Our organization is dedicated to systematic screening for cervical cancer. Over the years (both in peacetime and wartime), we have conducted about 50 outreach trips to villages in Volyn region to screen women for cervical cancer, examining over 2000 women. During these trips, we identified cancer in dozens of women and precancerous conditions in over five hundred.


Highly qualified doctors from the Volyn Regional Oncology Medical Center, the Volyn Regional Perinatal Center, and other medical institutions travel to the most remote villages in Volyn every week. During cervical cancer screening, doctors perform cytological tests and colposcopy, and transport samples to medical facilities for analysis. This enables the detection of precancerous conditions, cancer, and other cervical pathologies. The screening is completely free for women. Our Foundation covers the cost of screening kits, laboratory tests, transportation, and the work of medical professionals, thanks to the support of donors. Women who attend the screening in their villages appreciate the opportunity to finally do something they have put off for a long time due to lack of time, finances, or other reasons.

Program "outreach screening for skin cancer in adult population"


Skin cancer is a insidious disease that progresses rapidly if not detected and treated in a timely manner. Our team of doctors carries out outreach trips to remote areas of Volyn region and screens men and women for skin cancer and related pathologies. These screenings are completely free for the population. During the course of the program, over 1500 residents of Volyn have been screened for skin cancer.
Experience in socially and economically developed countries (USA, Western Europe) shows that systematic work towards early detection can effectively reduce the incidence and mortality rates of cancer. The most important role in this process is played by purposeful and persistent anti-cancer efforts, one of which is high-quality screening.

During the outreach screenings, doctors have also found cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, pre-cancerous pathologies, and various skin diseases. For some of these individuals, the diagnosis is not a tragedy, but rather a guarantee that their treatment will be successful, as the disease was detected early. We hope that we can still help those who have received a diagnosis of cancer after screening.
More outreach trips are planned for the future. In addition, we intend to expand the scope of our activities to a national level. We will do as much as possible until early detection of cancer becomes a priority in the medical field for our country.

Early detection of cancer saves lives!